IDS pumps have solved old pumping problems:

1. Automatic Cross-over from empty drum to stand by drum

    (Standard with dual set of pumps)

        a. No Production loss

2. Low Waste Follower Plate

        a. Flat design reduces waste left in bottom of drum

3. Material Saver Plug (IDS Optional Feature)

        a. New Slotted fin design captures even more material at                   bottom of drum

        b. More Material is removed from the drum

4. Traditional Packing Gland

        a. Ease of Maintenance

5. 55 gal. Drum Cart (IDS Optional Feature)

        a. Popular, easy 55. gal drum handling system

        b. Used to easily transport drum through plant

        c. Used to easily load and un-load drum in pump

IDS Pump Diagnostics provides these additional benefits: (Available through the I-Flow Controller)

1. Total Volume Dispense Sensing

        a. Controller displays total gallons pumped

            (reset or life-time)

2. Pump air automatically shuts off after Doser is filled

        a. Extends pump life

        b. Reduces pump runaway

        c. Reduces air pockets in material

3. Automatic-depressurization (IDS Optional Feature)

        a. Material pressure is relieved into drum, eliminates

            material curing due to pressure for an extended

            period of time

4. Drum Empty Indication

        a. Initializes pump crossover for dual pump package

        b. Available through robot interface

5. Drum Low Indication

        a. Available through robot interface

6. After drum change: automated process ensures air

    is purged  (IDS Optional Feature)

        a. Ensures operator bleads air after drum change

7. Beacon Light

        a. Shows status of pump;

            - Red = Fault, Green = Active, Yellow = Standby

8. Reporting to robot the pump status

9. Ensures elevator handle is in proper position for production


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