IDS Dosers are the heart of our precision dispensing capability. These systems have proven themselves in automotive production at Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Chrysler, tier 1 suppliers and General Industry.

IDS Doser systems can repeatedly apply a specified bead in hot and cold plant conditions with new or old, high or low viscous material, independent of tip wear, because of our unique design and precision feedback controller capabilities. This is done without the need for an expensive temperature conditioning system to regulate viscosity through heating/cooling the material.

The IDS family of Dosers were engineered to:

​1. Share the same tool center point and mounting                          pattern

2. Available in pneumatic or electric versions

3. Available with or without temperature conditioning

4. Easily replaced seal cartridge in Doser and refill/                       dispense valves

5. Recirculating package to extend the life of seals

6. Available in single component, 2-part and                                 continuous flow versions

7. Utilize many of the same components across the Doser             product family

An IDS precision applied bead with an I-Flow controller and IDS Doser, provides the following advantages:

1. Less wasted material, because correct volume is applied

2. Accurate bed location

3. Reduces the need for additional corrective actions                    throughout the manufacturing process

4. Reduces the need for purging

5. Maintenance does not have to manually make                           corrections throughout the day

6. Faster robot tip speeds, more production                                   achieved with one robot, reducing robot count

7. All of these provide savings that built the business case for        quick payback of the systems


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