IDS dispense systems were all designed and built through the "voice of the customer".  Our customers expressed the need for an affordable system that is simple to set-up, understand, and maintain, to reduce their downtime.  IDS specializes in working with the customer in order to meet their needs and has the ability to customize software and hardware quickly if needed.  


  • Power requirements:                            120VACstd (24vDC, 220vAC, 480vAC upon request)

  • Full load amps:                                     0.4 A AC (120vAC)

                                                                    (1 dispense valve, 1 Doser, no temperature control)

                                                                    (220vAC or > for temperature control or electric servo)

  • Operating temperature range:              40° - 140° F

  • Operating humidity range:                    0 - 70% non-condensing

  • Interface connection:                            DeviceNet std (or any other)

  • Box size:                                               20"h x 24"w x 8"d

  • HMI Size:                                              12 in. Touch Screen

Controller Features:

  • Controls all IDS Dosers:  1K (50cc/100cc/200cc), 2K, Conflow

  • Single or Dual System     

  • Simple to set-up and operate                                                                                                                 

  • Low power directive, entire system 24vdc.

       (Excluding options for electric servo Doser and electric temperature conditioning)

  • Scan time:  0.005 seconds.

  • Solid State hard drive.                                                                                          

  • 12" Touch Screen operator interface                                                                                     

  • Front panel USB port for file downloads.

  • Gun open & gun close delays.

  • Flow control command source, external (from robot), internal.                              

  • Request for purge timer

  • Independent remote mounted dispense valves (same Doser), up to 3 valves

       (NO remote mount dispense valve allowed for 2-part)                           

  • Robot I/O interface display.                                                        

  • Histogram

  • 40 channel strip chart recorder, Doser and interface I/O for past 50 jobs, downloadable

  • Job lob, 20 statistics data points

  • Parameter change log

  • Multiple methods of fluid control

  • cable breakage diagnostics

  • Ethernet port for remote screen monitoring, at your desktop

  • FTP Port for remote data downloading

  • Doser Calibration and testing tools

  • Robot simulation tool

  • Supply pump diagnostics

Dealing with non-Newtonian fluids, which can also be compressible, density changing, thixotropic, shear and temperature sensitive, can be a difficult undertaking.  The IDS Controls Team is a multidisciplinary team and is proficient at developing complex software programs and algorithms that take into consideration all these issues, to provide a controls system that is adaptive to its environment and provides a consistent output.


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