IDS focus is on thick viscosity adhesives and sealants. We have designed, manufactured and installed these systems in automotive paint and body shops, Tier 1 providers and general industry.  Additionally, IDS can provide customized maintenance service for its customers, which are available through service contracts or spot buy.  


Automotive body shop applications have demanded newer technologies to eliminate issues related to plant temperature swings and viscosity issues.  These issues create problems in quality and excessive material use. This increases manufacturing cost and maintenance requirements.


Today, IDS does not require expensive material temperature conditioning (while most competitors do) to solve these common viscosity issues, we manage viscosity changes automatically with our I-flow controller. IDS can maintain a 2mm bead from 55 degrees Fahrenheit to 105 degrees Fahrenheit (without temperature conditioning) providing a $15,000 to $20,000 cost savings per system.  This improves quality, reduces excessive material use, decreases manufacturing costs and maintenance requirements. Additionally, the IDS process reduces floor space requirements and operating costs. 


IDS can provide temperature conditioning systems when the application requires the material temperature to be changed to control the bead shape or the tackiness of the material. 


We work extensively with the material manufacturers to meet the new demands require for tomorrows new advanced adhesives and sealants.   IDS uses this information to improve its product line.


These systems are simple to set up and troubleshoot. IDS uses a large color touch screen with automatic diagnostics that show maintenance what to replace, reducing production down time when parts wear out. This is accompanied with a free 24 hr. service hot line. 


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